Monday, November 29, 2010

Dawn's Birthday

This past Friday was Dawn's birthday. I was really excited! I had so many things I wanted to give her. I had this giant stuffed catepillar from the Arcade Halloween that I wasn't using. So, I wrapped it up and gave it to her. She tried peanut butter for the first time this summer and really loved it. But it's kind of expensive, so I bought her a jar. Then I bought her a journal to keep notes about what we study when we read the Word together.

She invited me to lunch with her. I was really excited to spend time with her. She ordered some food for us and when the food arrived, she asked if she could pray and bless the food for the first time because it was her birthday! How could I refuse such a beautiful request? What she said was simple and sweet. She thanked God for our friendship, her family, life and her boyfriend of course. As we ate, we talked about birthday memories and traditions. It was a sweet time. I'm so blessed to be her friend.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Wahoo! The day started with the 1st Annual YY Turkey Trot! Eight adults and six kids, one in a stroller. Natalie, Jess, and I jogged from North Campus to South Campus and back almost the whole way. The kids did a great job too! And even though most of them ran must of the time, they still had tons of energy for the rest of the day! The Trot totalled about 2 miles.

Next, lunch! I bake an apple pie, sweet potato casserole and empanadas. Jess made mini cheesecakse and glazed carrots. Everyone went to one house and had all the classics; green bean casserole, turkey, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, mac 'n cheese, mashed potatoes, rolls, broccoli and cheese casserole, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and more!

After that, we reminisced about thanksgiving memories. And THEN the married couples told their engagement stories! Which could have been my favorite part. It turns out, none of them went exactly according to plan. But it was all so wonderful! Then Turkey Bowl!!!

Jess and I went out with the guys to throw around the football. I, actually, love playing flag football. So, it was fun to throw it around. And amazing to see how far the guys could thorw it. Then we headed inside for desserts. Complete with apple pie, cheesecake, pilgrim hats (chocolate covered marshmallows), pumpkin pie, jello saled and more!

Then a rambauncous round of Telephone Pictionary! It was so fun and there was tons of laughter. Then a heated game of Settlers. All in all, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I may have told you all before about my tutor Dawn. I met her this summer and she's a pretty great girl. She's funny. She's spunky. And she wants to teach a foreigner English. Well, that's how it all started, kind of.

This summer, Brandi (one of my greatest and dearest friends) and I talked to her about Jesus and his importance. She seemed much more eager to learn than her friend, Michelle. But ever since we started tutoring, she shyed away from the subject. I was a little discouraged, but I continued to pray for her and ask every time if she had read anything new in her Bible. Each time she said no.

Flash forward to last week: She came over and I noticed she brought her Bible. We usually study language for 2 hours. Half way through, she says, "I want to learn about this." And holds out her Bible. What a blessing!!! I was so excited. I asked a couple questions to see what she remembered from this summer and she remembered pretty much everything. Then I told her the Creation story and the Fall of Man. She listened intently. We talked about souls, death and sin.

I also had a weird moment. I realized people here don't really believe in an absolute Truth. Truth to them can be relative. She doesn't believe she has a soul, but I do. And we are both right. We both believe two, opposing thoughts, but both are true, or so that is people here believe.

Even though I didn't push to tell her, I didn't think that was possible, I gave her an assignment. She is supposed to read 5 chapters before we meet next. I think she will really do it. I'm excited to meet with her soon!