Sunday, November 13, 2011

Singles Day

November 11th is Singles Day here. For some it's quite a "sad" day. Mostly girls are pretty dramatic about still being single. Some people embrace their sadness. My day started with class at 8 AM. However, my Friday classes are my favorites. The personalities in those classes are just plain fun.

Just before dismissing the class, Blaire asked me what my plans for the day were. I told her lunch and some parties in the evening. She curiously asked who I was going to lunch with. I told her no one. She said she hopes next year, I'll have someone to be with me. I giggled inside and smiled politely.

Off I went to lunch when I walked into this...

That's right. Their signs say free hugs. I asked if I could take a photo and then asked what they were doing. They said they wanted to give free hugs to anyone who was feeling sad today because of Singles Day. I inquired whether or not others were going to join them. Sure enough, more friends were going to join them. I received/gave a hug from each girl and felt like my day was just going splendidly!!!

Lunch was DELICIOUS. It was eggs and tomato on top of clay pot cooked rice. Just come and try some because words cannot express it well.

The afternoon was spent reading and miscellaneous work. Then the 11-11-11 Party. Some friend here have their parents visiting and they are really into the number 11. Like seriously. So, we had some calzones and one-shaped cookies. HOWEVER, I had a birthday party to go to.

The Tuesday before Will had shared with the class about his past, uneventful, slightly horrific birthdays. I was so sad for him. He said he just wanted his birthday to fade away. So, the class decided he should celebrate anyways. And I just had to make him a cake because his sob story got me. When I arrived at KTV (KTV is karaoke), I presented the cake to him. He was so excited!!! I thought he might cry. Seriously, then he told me he had never had cake on him birthday before. I was REALLY glad I had made one. I sang a little Avril in true KTV style and then it was cake time. People here will SAY they don't like sweet things...

But I think the above photo is how they really feel.

After that, I returned to the 11-11-11 Party for a game of Boxers or Briefs. Or Boxers and Briefs? Anyways, it's a super fun game with lots of laughs.

In the end, it was a pretty swell day :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Will you give me some...?

Jessica is an old friend. She had always seeked me out to talk to. Mostly she wanted to talk about politics and practice her English. I was okay with that.

Occasionally, I would bring up my beliefs. Okay, more than occasionally. But most of the time, she would listen and never showed any interest.

Last week, she invited herself over to have salad. Salad, for some reason, is super interesting. Of all the things students want to make or eat together, salad is usually one of those things. I've always been reluctant because they hardly ever eat raw veggies and that is pretty much all a salad is. But I decided to go for it with Jessica.

Long story short, she liked the salad and the chicken and broccoli rice I made. We chit chatted about politics and medical expenses and sporting scandals. She was going to study the Bible with a friend of mine, but then she asked if I had time to study with her. I said, "Of course!" So we set up a day and time.

The reason I love communication and the reason for this post is this:

This is what I heard next:
"Will you give me some sex?"

I almost burst into laughter. But I KNEW that could not possibly be what she really said. So, my mind began to filter through the possibilities...


This is what she said:
"Will you give me some snacks?"

I agreed to bring some snacks to our meetings and chuckled to myself.

Thank you Asia and thank you brain.