Saturday, July 30, 2011

For a friend I would...

What would you do for a friend?
Would you humiliate yourself to save their face(respect)?
Would you sacrifice your happiness for theirs?
Would you do something you don't like to do for them?
Would you put on a brave face for them even when you're shaking in your pants?
Would you do your best to make them feel special?

Some friends and I went to a mutual friend's birthday party. Her name was Sarah. But when I got there, I found out it was a joint party. It was three girls I knew, Lucy, Sarah and McClever. The host of the night promptly told Natalie, Jess and I that we were supposed to bless the birthday girls in language later that night.

I immediately became nervous. I have never spoken to 30+ people in the language. Maybe like 5 or 6. But the thought of all eyes and EARS on me for even the briefest moment made my heart race. Along with that, my mind went completely blank! I forgot all this vocabulary I had just studied and couldn't think of any sentences to form, even on the simplest level. On top of that, I don't know how to BLESS someone. What does that mean?

When the time came, I volunteered first, so I wouldn’t look as stupid compared to Natalie and Jess. Their language is much better than mine. And this is what ended up coming out in the language:

“My chinese is really bad. Really, truely. I don’t know what to say. Read your Bible everyday. Pray everyday. Wear…Wear? (Checked my pronounciation with the audience) Wear pants. I love you all! Happy Birthday!”

Everyone burst into laughter. I think they were expecting me to say something else in place of WEAR PANTS. I knew even if I couldn't fully express my feelings yet, I could make them laugh. I was proud of myself.