Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Things and Not So Favorite Things...

Sanfu is one of my favorite places. It's just fun to go to. There's a lot of trendy stuff. But when Fall starts, my favorite accessory is ALL over the place. Scarves!!!

In Sanfu, there is a whole wall of scarves. I love to go browse in my free time or when I need a pick-me-up.

And here is one of my not so favorite things. My phone cost about $50. Which isn't that bad. However, it's not the best quality. One of the do-hickeys broke off within 6 months. And ANYTIME I drop it, the back falls off and the battery falls out. Without fail. Most of the time, I pick up the pieces and put it together again and reset the date and time.

HOWEVER, things had a different outcome this time. I have heard of stories about people's phone falling in the toilet and gruesome details about retrieving it. That never had happened to me. Until today. HOWEVER, Asian toilets are a bit different. Instead of a toilet bowl, you have kind of a slide and deep hole. Where, essentially, there is no retrieving.

So, as I fatefully, rose from my squatting position, I dropped my phone. It all happened in slow motion. I knew I had to some how stop my phone from falling into the dark, stinky, abyss. I also knew the back was going to fall off and the battery would skid off somewhere. HOWEVER, I didn't want to touch gross floor. So, I waited to see what would happen. And sure enough, the back of my phone slid right into the squattie. Now, my phone is super ghetto.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shao Xin Cao

This is my all-time favorite drink! I remember having it for the first time with Lydia. It was soooooo strange. But now I love it!

Main ingredient: MILK TEA (What is this? Just that. A little milk. A little tea.)

Most Shao Xin Cao will have most or all of the following:

Black Jell-O
Jellies (long, rectangular, firm, almost hard Jell-O)
Red Beans

You get a nice, fat straw to suck up the goodness and a spoon for when the straw just isn't cutting it :)