Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heart Language

My language tutor is Annia. She is just a ball of fun. She teases me constantly when we study together. Or really she teaches me. She always askes,
"Are you sure?"
in such a doubtful way, I used to think I was always wrong. Now, I know she is just a punk and wants me to be confident when I speak. Or she'll say something like,
"How many times have I told you?"

Anyway, today in class we were comparing things. The grammar is more complicated, but she is really good about being patient with me and dumbing it down for me.

First Sentence:
This book compared with that book is more expensive.

Second Sentence:
Green peppers compared with red peppers are more spicy.

Third Sentence:
This bed compared with that bed is more soft.

She was really impressed that I remembered the measure word for bed. And the word for bed. AND the word soft. AND that I could put it all together.

This was her response after the third sentence:
Wow! Great job! That is so wonderful. You have so many words in your heart.

Learning language isn't just about being able to speak or communicate. It's about knowing the heart of the people. From any place, not just Asia. Language is in the heart. Not the mouth or mind. It was a good reminder and encouragement today. I learn to know and love these people.

Stay tuned for language flubs. I have a couple good stories to share.

Pinterest Completion

Spray Paint + Tin Cans = Nifty Hair and Jewelery Holders

Ribbon + Glue Gun = Headband Hanger

Cinnamon Sticks + Candle + Glue Gun = Rustic Candles

Spray Paint + "Mason Jars" = Vases