Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This is Venus.

This is Venus. She is one of my favorite students and very good friends. She is a junior and an English major. I thought I had posted about her decision to become/try out lesbianism. I'll give you the quick version. Re-Cap Venus has always liked boys and never considered becoming homosexual. But she became really good friends with Kevin last year. This is Kevin. Kevin is a lesbian. They hung out a lot and talked a lot and became really close. Kevin, from the beginning of their friendship, made it very clear that she was interested in being more than just friends. At the beginning, Venus was very opposed. But everyone surrounding Venus and Kevin seemed to be pressuring Venus to consider the "lesbian" option. That's when Venus asked me what I thought about it. I let her know I was not okay with the idea. I believe man is meant for woman and vice versa. And no matter how much the girl looks like a man or acts like a man, she is still a woman. I also told her, China is not so accepting of that kind of lifestyle. And if she wanted kids, that is definitely not going to happen. Anyway, after a LONG discussion she decided to go for it. They were together a couple of months and then broke up. Venus' Conclusions: Kevin is not a man. Kevin chose to prioritize another girl over her. Venus could not see their relationship going any further than girlfriend/girlfriend. However, it's not uncommon for couples to break up and make up often.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Love hurts...

Do you know that song, "Love hurts! Love blah!" Ok, well, I can't remember the rest, but I think it true in the Christ-sense.

I find myself crying over my students. They have never hit me, throw things at me, or called me names. Ok, on occasion I have heard them say I'm factor my clothes are weird. But I can handle that. My love for them goes deeper than any other love of this world and lasts longer than any other thing man has made. That includes Twinkies.

But we I feel afflicted over my love for them, I remember Christ. How he loved. How he loves now. How he continued to love in and after opposition. How he loved when that love was not returned. How he loved enduring more persecution or resistance than I have ever experienced.

My difficulties and tribulations in loving my students are nothing compared to what he experiences in loving lowly humans. I was never flogged, beaten or nailed to a cross. So, I continue in love...even if it hurts.